Q: How long do I have to wait after signing up before my account is activated?
A: Once payment is received and confirmed, accounts will be activated within 24 hours, although most accounts are activated within an hour or two. Domain registrations can take up to 24 hours to become active (although some domain extensions, such as .co.uk may take longer.)

Q: What payment options do you accept?
A: We accept payment by all major credit and debit cards Via Paypal, and checks (USA only).

Q: What version of PHP and MySQL do you run?
A: We run the latest version of PHP 5, at present version 5.2.3, with the latest version of MySQL 5.0.

Q: Is there a minimum contract length with Splash5 Hosting?
A: No. You can sign up to be billed monthly, and if you decide Splash5 is not for you, you can cancel your account by submitting a support ticket. However, domain names have a one year minimum registration.

Q: How can I upload files to my web site?
A: You can upload files in a number of ways. The simplest way is to use the File Manager built into cPanel, which you can access from your browser. There is also the new Web Disk feature in cPanel, which lets you set up your web space as if it were a hard drive attached to your computer. Refer to cPanel for more information. The traditional way of uploading files is to use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client. We can recommend FileZilla and SmartFTP as a fast, free FTP clients.

Q: What are the FTP details for my site?
A: To access your site by FTP, use ftp.yourdomain.com as the FTP hostname. The username you need to enter is e-mailed to you at signup, along with the password you chose when signing up. If you have set up custom FTP users in cPanel, the username will be in the form of user@yourdomain.com.

Q: Do you make backups of my data?
A: Each account on our servers is backed up regularly, often nightly. While backups are primarily made in case of a server failure, we can help you recover data from an account if you have accidentally deleted important files. You can also make backups yourself from within cPanel.

Q: Is Telnet or SSH access available?
A: Telnet access isn't available due to the insecurity of the protocol, but Secure Shell (SSH) access is available for certain levels of accounts. Please contact support for more details.

Q: Some of the site in your portfolio don't say they are made my splash5 in the copy write?
A: Splash5 acts as a vendor for a number of other web companies around the world. Please note if you own a print shop or other suitable business and would like to offer web sites to you customers at competitive prices, ask us about becoming a splash5 vendor.

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We make use of only the highest quality & reliable web-hosting services for our clients. The servers we use have all of the following features as standard...
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"What i do is only a hobby but i wanted to sell some of my products online without having to learn how to create a complicated online store, splash5 produced my site for me and now i am able to showcase my crafts to the world"
- Girlbot Goods

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